Premier Exhibition at Michaelhouse, Cambridge

Premier Exhibition at Michaelhouse, Cambridge

I was delighted to have the opportunity for my first art exhibition to be at Michaelhouse Centre, Cambridge, UK . Michaelhouse has a special place in my heart as a part of my church’s parish, with its great cafe of local food within a working church building.

As someone new to exhibiting it really helped to share the space with two other local and more experienced artists, Gary Dadd and Sue Smith (@garydadd @suesmithart ). There was a lovely buzz at our private view evening back in early December.

What a wonderful evening to share with family, friends and others to see a showcase of local talent.

I was delighted with how well my art was received and how many people over the evening and coming weeks found pieces from my portfolio that they wanted to find a place in their home and hearts for.

Having been offered the West Wall of the Michaelhouse Centre, (the wall leading to the cafe counter), I found that my exhibition curated around the five themes of:-

Flowers - they have always been a joy and uplifter of the spirit for me. Over a number of years, I have taught myself to arrange fresh flowers that I have enjoyed buying from the Cambridge market each week. I have always found the experience like a different way of painting, in bringing the different colours and textures together, in a way that they seem happy with.

Boats - From the earliest days, boats have been a powerful subject in my art and in my imagination.   Like many I find their story of journey, endeavour and wistful romance compelling.

America - After a challenging couple of years, with much change in my life, I finally took some time out in the summer of 2018 and travelled in the US to places I have been before and some that I had longed to visit. From the old world charm of Charleston, to the salty air of Cape Cod, I found much to inspire the paintbrush and digital pencil.

Camino - Following a challenging recovery from heart surgery, I undertook the physical and spiritual journey, in the autumn of 2018 as I trod some of the steps of centuries of pilgrims. As I travelled some 120km across the most stunning rural countryside in northern spain, I visited many of the ancient churches along the route. I was inspired to respond to the experience in watercolour and enjoyed the way the ink lent substance and history to the pieces.  



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