A published illustrated journal of my Camino Pilgrimage: Heartbreak to Healing, Ponderings on the Camino published by Pegasus Publishers on 29th July 2021.

Available on Amazon, Nielsens and Pegasus Publishers, as well as being added to Goodreads review website.

The book is based on a daily journal I recorded when walking part of the Camino de Santiago: along with my illustrations, this book shares with honesty, pathos and humour the experience of a modern pilgrim.  It is my hope and prayer that this book may be helpful for those facing hurt and healing in their own lives.

For those unable to travel: you are invited to journey devotionally to the tomb of the Apostle and be inspired in planning your own future adventure. 
For those whose physical travelling days are behind them; you can be transported to the dusty paths, beautiful chapels and pine and eucalyptus woodland of rural Spain.



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