All you need is...........

All you need is...........

If someone had said to me last year that my hair would be as long as it was at university (but somewhat greyer!); a good night out would be staring at a computer screen; and a change of scene would be walking to the other side of the park, I am not sure I would really have believed them.

But we are all finding ways to keep in contact in these challenging times, novel ways to share the love and indeed discovering the joy of old ways such as sending a card.

With that in mind, I have been busy in my studio (accompanied by Arthur, who regularly audits pens and paintbrushes and insisting most of them should be on the floor!).  I have created some new cards for the season of love.  Whether romantic, cosy or quirky, I am sure you will find something to warm the heart and give a hug.  Consider it an ‘I.O.U’ for the real thing.

Look after yourselves and each other.

God bless

Ed x


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