To my paint brush I pursue...

Norman Mansbridge

Through times of trouble, uncertainty and change in life, I have often found peace, solace and prayer through the brush and pen. From the earliest age I have found joy in sketching and painting and I am blessed to have professional artists in my family heritage.  My great grandfather, Arthur Mansbridge was a prolific illustrator and his son Norman was also an illustrator and drew for national newspapers, children’s comics and the much loved satirical ‘Punch’ magazine.

I have many happy memories of spending time as a boy with Uncle Norman and Auntie Edna in their wonderfully idyllic rural home, nestled in the Essex countryside. Particularly having the privilege to explore Norman’s studio. It was a revelation to me that somebody was able to dedicate their whole working life to a creative pursuit that gave them and others such joy. I still treasure the letters from Norman and the Christmas cards he created each year for the family with the characteristic sketch of himself resplendent with pipe. I cheekily pointed out that one of his comic cartoon characters had an uncanny resemblance to his headscarved wife and there was a definite glint in his eye when questioned…....

‘Proudly sits on the wall in my snug to be enjoyed every day’  

‘this proudly sits on the wall in my snug to be enjoyed every day’

I hope that he would be pleased that his ever inquisitive great nephew is now pursuing what he encouraged all those years ago in his rural studio.

I was fortunate that both Norman and my grandmother encouraged and nurtured my interest in art and sketching and helped me to develop a critical eye.  





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